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Tell Me How You Did It

Tell Me How You Did It

Mint - HT Smartcast

If we were to create a list of some of India's finest brands - the kind that competes internationally and win the battle hands down - what would it sound like? It would sound like - Tell Me How You Did it?In this podcast, celebrity journalist, Namrata Zakaria, has curated some very candid journeys of homegrown companies that range from food, fashion and film to home, art and design. Tune in every week to catch the founders of such innovative companies - who not only chased their own rainbows but also made India proud - tell us how they did it!This is a Mint production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Tell Me How You Did It
Tell Me How You Did It
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Available Episodes

Design is a Way Of Living
17 Mar 2022

Raw Mango is one of India's most important fashion labels, yet designer and founder Sanjay Garg say he finds the term 'fashion' limiting. In just over a decade since its launch, Ga ... Read more

17 Mar40 MINS
The Jewel Of India
10 Mar 2022

The Gem Palace is easily India's oldest and most famous jewellery boutique. When tourists come to Jaipur, they want to see the royal City Palace and the Rambagh Palace, and the gor ... Read more

10 Mar38 MINS
Where The Ruins Reign
03 Mar 2022

When we speak of India's finest heritage hotels, we cannot escape the muted glamour of the Neemrana Group. Founder and director Aman Nath was among the first to discover old palace ... Read more

03 Mar47 MINS
A Strong Point of VU
24 Feb 2022

Devita Saraf's is the most interesting tale of a woman in business in India. Raised in a traditional family, Saraf was determined on having the same goalposts her brother did and m ... Read more

24 Feb45 MINS
Trust In Nature
17 Feb 2022

Juicy Chemistry is the story of a husband-wife team who started a small beauty business from their kitchen with just Rs 5,000 and their domestic staff as helping hands. In seven ye ... Read more

17 Feb30 MINS
All Good, No Bad
10 Feb 2022

'All Good, No Bad' has been the mantra for Raw Pressery from get-go. Of course it stood for its product, a clean-living inspired cold-pressed health juice using natural ingredients ... Read more

10 Feb39 MINS
How does Rhea Kapoor get cinema, fashion, and gender right all the time?
03 Feb 2022

How can we talk about India's best businesses without talking of Bollywood: the world's largest film factory? One of India's most notable producers throws the spotlight on her craf ... Read more

03 Feb36 MINS
How The Hive Makes The Planet Thrive
27 Jan 2022

Did you know consuming natural honey not only has immense health benefits but can also save the planet? When VIjaya Pastala started Under The Mango Tree in 2008, she wanted to help ... Read more

27 Jan34 MINS
Malaika Arora: Decoding Glamour, Entertainment and Business
20 Jan 2022

Malaika Arora has traversed from being a model and an actor to a wellness entrepreneur to be taken very seriously. Her ventures include fashion, fitness and food, and she's built a ... Read more

20 Jan31 MINS
Abraham John Architects: Building Green Cities
13 Jan 2022

Alan Abraham is one of the most important names in the world of architecture and design, not only thanks to his exemplary work in multidisciplinary architecture and interior design ... Read more

13 Jan26 MINS
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