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Top 3 Best Tech & Tech News Podcasts

Best Tech & Tech News Podcast
Best Tech & Tech News Podcast

The ever-evolving world of technology.

We all know that technology has changed the world that we live in unfathomable ways. And the world of tech is ever-evolving, it won’t stop for anybody.

We’re sure that you keep hearing about a lot of tech developments – Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and the most recent one -The Metavaverse. For metaverse, for instance you may have heard people saying things like it is gonna change the office culture, allow VR enabled live interaction between people, and going to be the future of work.

But all of this tech news coming from different sources like blogs, social media influencers, etc can be overwhelming. And at times it becomes difficult to filter the signal out of the noise. 

What you need is a curated set of no-bullshit podcasts to stay updated with the current tech-news.  Following is the curated list of podcasts for all the tech buffs and tech leaders. 

Tech For Change – Tech News Podcast

We all know that very often technology is used for both, good and bad things. There is a constant flux between these two which can cause you to lose faith in technology. The podcast Tech for Change aims to restore that faith. Radio One radio host, Kay introduces us to some innovative companies and go-getters in this podcast who have used technology for the social good, social change and impact.

Tune in to Tech for Change Podcast to find out how tech is changing the world for the better.

Tech Time Traveller – Tech News Podcast 

In a rapidly changing post-COVID-world, we know that humanity is gonna become even more dependent on Tech. And it’s high time we understand this aspect of our lives, which is gonna fundamentally change the way we live, for good or for worse. 

In the podcast Tech Time Travellers Vipin Kumar  and Nimit Garg bring to you not only the latest in tech but also its possible future. They discuss all the futuristic topics like powering brains by chips, tech aliens, life beyond death, the future of graphene batteries and every other intriguing tech topic under the sun.

So, fasten your seat belts to possibly travel faster than the speed of light! Tune into Tech Time Travellers right now!

Mint Techcetra 

Mint Techcetra is a quirky little podcast packed with all-encompassing information from the ever-changing world of Tech. Here our resident tech expert Prasid Banerjee interviews Tech Leaders from top-notch tech companies like Microsoft, Oracle, etc. to discuss the cloud innovations in their respective companies and how it is gonna disrupt the market. 

Mint Techcetra is an essential podcast for every tech entrepreneur and leader out there. It will help them be updated with the business side of tech. How companies are deploying data centers, strengthening security using blockchains and making their businesses more resilient with data management strategies.

Tune into Mint Techcetra to find out more.






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