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Mastermind 2023

Mastermind 2023

Radio One - HT Smartcast

Welcome to Mastermind 2023 - The Women Leader Special, powered by Nucleus Office Park. Join our insightful journey hosted by Hrishikesh Kannan, the Brand Head of RadioOne Network. In this captivating podcast series, Hrishi will engage in thought-provoking interviews with dynamic women who have been instrumental in handling pivotal roles that drive growth and success to their companies.

Our distinguished guests will include women CEOs, IT heads, HR heads, strategy heads, and more, offering a diverse perspective on leadership, strategies, and the key elements that contribute to creating a thriving workplace. From leadership insights to strategic discussions, we will explore all the nuances that makes a better work environment. Stay tuned for more

Mastermind 2023
Mastermind 2023
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Available Episodes

Leading the Way: Ananya Birla's Motivational Journey

In the second episode, our host Hrishi is in conversation with Ananya Birla Founder of Svatantra Microfin Private Limited. Together they will dive into the intriguing world of an e ... Read more

29 Nov36 MINS
Navigating Leadership with Vani Gopalan in the Tech Landscape

In the first episode, our host, Hrishi, is joined by Vani Gopalan, IT Director - Asia Pac & India CoE Head at Flowserve Corporation. Vani discusses mentorship, leadership, esse ... Read more

28 Nov27 MINS


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