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Tell Me How You Did It

Tell Me How You Did It

Mint - HT Smartcast

If we were to create a list of some of India's finest brands - the kind that competes internationally and win the battle hands down - what would it sound like? It would sound like - Tell Me How You Did it?

In this podcast, celebrity journalist, Namrata Zakaria, has curated some very candid journeys of homegrown companies that range from food, fashion and film to home, art and design. Tune in every week to catch the founders of such innovative companies - who not only chased their own rainbows but also made India proud - tell us how they did it!

This is a Mint production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Tell Me How You Did It
Tell Me How You Did It
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Available Episodes

Phantom Hands: Indian Modern Secret

What started out in 2015 as a curated site selling vintage, antiques, and collectables, now enjoys cult status. Indian companies celebrating authenticity, craft, and a very local-c ... Read more

09 Dec36 MINS
Gin is IN: Keeping spirits high with Greater than Gin

What used to be the tiniest section on the menu card has now become endless with good popularity. All thanks to the increasing demand of the homegrown crafted beverage, gins. And k ... Read more

02 Dec41 MINS
The tale of Jaipur Rugs: From Rugs to riches

Nand Kishore Chaudhary always had a vision of running his own business someday. His friend suggested he start a carpet business which he instantly bought and since then, there is n ... Read more

25 Nov41 MINS
Kama Ayurveda: Modern Ayurveda touching Indian root

Ayurvedic solutions are effective, sans chemicals, and add fragrances. Started in 2002 in Delhi, now Kama Ayurveda is promoting the message of Ayurveda globally! Namrata Zakaria in ... Read more

18 Nov35 MINS
Isprava Luxury Stays : Home away from home

Longing for a beautiful house near a beach and enjoying a luxurious vacay in a peaceful surrounding? Here comes Isprava Luxury Homes to your rescue. Namrata Zakaria speaks with th ... Read more

11 Nov32 MINS
Theobroma Patisserie : Baking the dream legacy

If you are a foodie and love to keep up with the best foods, then you must have heard of the famous brownies from Theobroma, one of the finest desserts in the country. From a small ... Read more

04 Nov40 MINS
Varana Design: Where fashion meets craft

In the streets of London which are flooded with the brands like Jimmy Choo or Gucci, what do you think are the chances of finding a boutique selling authentic Indian woven handloom ... Read more

28 Oct41 MINS
The House of Angadi: Re-inventing the heritage weaves

The ancestral textile label which got attention during Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding is a legacy as old as 600 years. KH Radharaman is not just the heir of this lega ... Read more

21 Oct40 MINS
Language of Good Earth by Anita Lal

Be it a coffee cup, a candle, or a Kurta, Good earth in its 25th year now is the best example of how an Indian company can beautifully turn artisanal activities into expensive cove ... Read more

14 Oct38 MINS
Darima Farms: The cheese that screams India

How much cheese is too much cheese? And to bless all our cheesy souls, host Namrata Zakaria brings to you the Indian cheese story, the story of Darima Farms. She speaks with one of ... Read more

07 Oct32 MINS
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