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Happiness Hacks

Happiness Hacks

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

Don't worry, be happy! Well, it sounds simple but when life knocks you down and you have no hope, then getting back up can be very difficult. That's why we at Health Shots have got for you this all-new series called Happiness Hacks, where renowned mental health experts and life coaches will guide you and give you your daily dose of wellness with some doable and effective hacks. So, stay tuned.  

Happiness Hacks
Happiness Hacks
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Available Episodes

4: What You See Makes You Happy, Says Dr Prerna Kohli

In the last episode we've discovered how sound makes us happy. This time let's find out if the power of sight also does the same. Let's listen to this episode of Happiness Hacks by ... Read more

25 Aug9 MINS
3: Dr Kohli Reveals How Listening To Some Specific Sounds Can Make You Happy

Senses help us in experiencing various aspects of life. In this episode of Happiness Hacks, Dr Prerna Kohli is revealing how hearing certain sounds can be the reason for your happi ... Read more

11 Aug6 MINS
2: Dr Kohli Reveals Why Food Makes Us Happy 

We have five senses and all of them play a major role, even in making us happy. Have you ever wondered why you feel all happy go lucky when you eat your favorite meal? No. Then lis ... Read more

29 Jul11 MINS
1: Dr Prerna Kohli Reveals The Secret To Happiness

If you think that buying a big house, a car, or having a high paid job can make you happy then you are highly mistaken. Dr Prerna Kohli, a renowned clinical psychologist is here to ... Read more

15 Jul7 MINS


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