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Ask the IVF Expert

Ask the IVF Expert

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

Pregnancy and Parenthood are the two choices we make for life. For some of us it's a smooth ride. For the rest of us, it's difficult to even begin. Still, we find it worth our while. So much so that we opt for all kinds of fertility treatments. One of the most notable being IVF.On Ask the IVF Expert doctors from all over India are interviewed to cover all kinds of questions you, as a would-be-parent might have.This podcast is brought to you by Parents of Fertility powered by Merck.

Ask the IVF Expert
Ask the IVF Expert
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Available Episodes

Tough questions you need to ask your doctor before going in for IVF
27 Jan 2022

In this episode, host Deepti Ahuja talks to Dr Vyshnavi A Rao, Senior IVF Consultant, Milann Fertility and Birthing centre, Bangalore about all the tough questions people ask their ... Read more

27 Jan32 MINS
How to choose the right IVF centre for yourself
31 Dec 2021

In this episode, host Deepti Ahuja talks to Dr. Latha N, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Infertility specialist and Director at Shanthi Shell Fertility Centre, Bangalore ... Read more

31 Dec21 MINS
Should the 2nd pregnancy also follow the IVF process?
30 Dec 2021

In this episode, host Deepti Ahuja talks to Dr. Richa Jagtap, MD (OB/GYN) GMO, Clinical Director, NOVA IVF Fertility, Mumbai about whether or not the 2nd pregnancy should follow th ... Read more

30 Dec29 MINS
Beyond IVF: Other ART treatments that can help couples
29 Dec 2021

In this episode, host Deepti Ahuja talks to Dr Chaitanya Shembekar, MD FICOG FICMCH Dip Pelviscopy, Chairman and Managing Director, Omega Hospitals, Nagpur about the other ART trea ... Read more

29 Dec38 MINS
Understanding IVF costs: Why it costs as much and the options available to you
27 Dec 2021

In this episode, host Deepti Ahuja talks to Dr. Divya Sivaraman, Medical Director, Srushti Fertility Centre about how much does one IVF treatment cost per cycle, in India and what' ... Read more

27 Dec35 MINS
Here’s why age is of the utmost importance when it comes to IVF
03 Dec 2021

In this episode, Dr Anushka Madan, Senior Consultant and Director Reproductive Medicine, Vrinda Fertility talks about age and its importance in IVF treatment. She also discusses th ... Read more

03 Dec17 MINS
Everything you need to know about Male Infertility
03 Dec 2021

In this episode, Dr Rupali, Coordinator, IVF department, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi talks about male infertility and how common it is. She also tells us about what could c ... Read more

03 Dec28 MINS
Lifestyle and infertility: The shocking link you need to know about
30 Nov 2021

In this episode, Dr. Rajapriya Ayyappan, Senior OBG Fertility Consultant, Srinivas Priya Hospital, Chennai talks about the shocking link between lifestyle and infertility. The doct ... Read more

30 Nov28 MINS
PCOS & Endometriosis| Why do you need to seek fertility help if have these disorders?
30 Nov 2021

In this episode, Dr. Seema Bajaj, Director Omya IVF and Fertility, New Delhi talks about common diseases like PCOS & Endometriosis and how they affect fertility. Dr Seema also ... Read more

30 Nov31 MINS
7 bogus myths about IVF that you need to turn a blind eye to
24 Nov 2021

In this episode, Dr Mahesh Bedekar, Director of Doctor Bedekar Fertility Solutions, Mumbai separates the myth from the fact regarding the IVF process and also makes recommendations ... Read more

24 Nov32 MINS
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