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Spill the beauty

Spill the beauty

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

Welcome to Spill the beauty, your one-stop guide to everything skincare with none other than veteran Dr Blossom Kocchar. So, get set to tune in every week, we cover all that you need to look smashing and stunning this festive season.This is a Health Shots production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Spill the beauty
Spill the beauty
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Available Episodes

Revisit top beauty trends of 2021 and catch upcoming ones in 2022
01 Jan 2022

Happy New Year to everyone! So, another year has passed, but the skin and hair care regimes are here to stay. That's why in the last episode of Spill The Beauty, we are rounding up ... Read more

01 Jan23 MINS
Tips that won't let winter mess with your skin and hair
25 Dec 2021

Winter season isn't all that great for your skin and hair. It sucks all the moisture out, leaving them dry and unmanageable. But in this episode of Spill The Beauty, we'll boo wint ... Read more

25 Dec19 MINS
Make glycerin your BAE this winter, suggests beauty expert Dr Blossom Kochhar
11 Dec 2021

If you're tired of tackling your chapped and flaky skin during this time of the year, give glycerin a chance. But do you find it too sticky? Don't fret, because in this episode of ... Read more

11 Dec16 MINS
East or west, sunscreen is the best!
04 Dec 2021

If you think it's winter or you are always inside your house and you don't need sunscreen, you are sadly mistaken. The truth is sunscreen is the most essential beauty product you n ... Read more

04 Dec17 MINS
Hate your lifeless hair? Then try these hacks by Dr Kochhar today!
27 Nov 2021

If every day is a bad hair day, don't just feel sorry for your tresses. Instead, try out these really simple hair hacks to get your tresses back on track. In this episode of Spill ... Read more

27 Nov20 MINS
Patchy skin? Try these expert-backed tips to deal with hyperpigmentation
20 Nov 2021

Hyperpigmentation - the name might sound heavy-duty, but it has turned into a very common beauty concern of our times. The obvious causes are our lifestyle and inattention to our ... Read more

20 Nov18 MINS
Go organic for the love of your skin and hair!
13 Nov 2021

Everyone is going gaga about organic products for hair and sin. And why not? Because te results are absolutely mind-blowing! That's why, in this week's episode of Spill The Beauty, ... Read more

13 Nov20 MINS
Puffy eyes? Try these hacks and bid them goodbye
06 Nov 2021

Dark circles and tired eyes can sabotage your entire festive look. So, press pause and get rid of those puffy eyes. How? Tune in to this episode of Spill The Beauty because your be ... Read more

06 Nov18 MINS
Tips to make your hair stronger, longer, and shinier
30 Oct 2021

Who doesn't want strong and luscious-looking hair? But, pollution, poor water quality, and neglect lead to tress mess. Well, not anymore! Dr Blossom Kochhar is here to help you get ... Read more

30 Oct17 MINS
Here’s why night serum is an all time essential
23 Oct 2021

What’s your night-time beauty routine? In case you don't have one, then you are doing a disservice to your skin. Ladies, as per beauty expert Dr Blossom Kochhar, night serum is a m ... Read more

23 Oct16 MINS
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