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It’s Okay

It’s Okay

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

Welcome to It's Okay, a series of letters addressed to the complexities of life. This podcast is an outlet for intangible emotions women deal with, such as stress, anxiety, joy, frustration…

Through this podcast we want to offer you, our dear listener, camaraderie and solace. And also the knowledge that you are not alone. We stand with you! This presentation is brought to you by HT Smartcast.

It’s Okay
It’s Okay
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Available Episodes

26: Chhaya Pens Down A Heartwarming Letter To Life Listing How This Pollution Is Stressing Her Up

This week on It's Okay, Chhaya talks about the mental health implications of living in a polluted city, such as Delhi.  Elaborating on the stress and anxiety the pollution is caus ... Read more

07 Nov6 MINS
25: Chhaya Got Diagnosed With Covid-19. Hear How The Entire Thing Went

This week on It's Okay, Chhaya talks about turning out to be Covid Ve+, amidst the unlock days. The stress, loneliness and the anxiety that follows, forces Chhaya to deal with her ... Read more

25 Oct5 MINS
24: On This World Mental Health Day, Join Chhaya To Know How To Keep A Check On Your Emotional Health

This week on It's Okay, we are celebrating the mental health week. So on the occasion, Chhaya talks about keeping a check on our emotional and mental well being, especially as we b ... Read more

11 Oct7 MINS
23: Stop Self-Doubting Yourself And Learn To Deal With Imposter Syndrome

This week on It’s okay Chhaya shares a common concern amongst youngsters these days: imposter syndrome. The bane of social media is that it keeps us updated on others’ lives and we ... Read more

27 Sep6 MINS
22: Let's Start Healthy Conversations In Our Families To Burst Out Stress

This week on It's okay, our host Chhaya Dabas talks about misogyny and the patriarchal biases women deal with on a daily basis. The 23rd letter to her Dear Zindagi talks about the ... Read more

12 Sep6 MINS
21: This Is How You Can Get Rid Of Hopelessness In Your Life

This week on It's Okay, we talk about the feeling of hopelessness and joblessness - something the youth if this country is jostling with. Many youngsters have been let go off and t ... Read more

30 Aug8 MINS
20: This Is How I'm Surviving Lockdown 

Seeing a glimmer of hope with declining cases, only to see them escalate once again, Chhaya has decided to block negativity for a week and only focus on self and positivity.  In th ... Read more

16 Aug8 MINS
19: Festival Season Is On And This Is How Festivity Changes During Covid-19

Festivities are around the corner and Chhaya ponders over how different they might be this year, considering the ongoing pandemic. She reminisces about how she used to celebrate Ra ... Read more

02 Aug7 MINS
18: It’s Time To Cherish Those Good Old Memories

Life seems to have taken a slow turn these days for Chhaya, allowing her to appreciate the minutiae of life. Join Chhaya as she pens another letter to her friend, dear Zindagi abou ... Read more

19 Jul5 MINS
17: This Is How I Deal With My Binge Eating Sessions Amid Lockdown

A side effect of the stress and constant worry - that seems to be Chhaya’s constant companions - has resulted in binge eating and body weight issues. It was only when Chhaya spoke ... Read more

05 Jul9 MINS
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