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Mumbai Smart News

If there is one city in India which never sleeps, it is Mumbai. In order to not only keep our Mumbaikars update but to also give an in-depth understan ding of what the latest news from this city means for its dwellers, Sachin Kalbag, Executive Editor, Hindustan Times (@SachinKalbag) and Rohini Ramnathan, RJ, Radio Nasha (@rotalks) discuss the latest headlines every morning.  This is a Hindustan Times production, brought to you by HT Smartcast...

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Mumbai Smart News
Mumbai Smart News
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316 Episodes
316 When will India be fully vaccinated?

India has inoculated the highest number of beneficiaries with their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine in the world, the Union health ministry said. But the question is, with the given vaccination rate, w ...

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315 Rising cases of dengue
16 Sep 2021
16 Sep4 MINS
312 Why Byculla is a rising hotspot?
13 Sep 2021
13 Sep4 MINS
309 Climate change action plan
08 Sep 2021
08 Sep5 MINS
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