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Mumbai Smart News

Mumbai Smart News

Hindustan Times - HT Smartcast

If there is one city in India which never sleeps, it is Mumbai. In order to not only keep our Mumbaikars updated but to also give an in-depth understanding of what the latest news from this city means for its dwellers, Rohini Ramanathan, RJ, Radio Nasha (@rotalks) discuss the latest headlines every morning. This is a Hindustan Times production, brought to you by HT Smartcast

Mumbai Smart News
Mumbai Smart News
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Available Episodes

Cybercrime up 18% in Mumbai, actual numbers may be even more
30 Aug 2022

The NCRB report shows cyber offences rose by 18% in Mumbai in 2021 but the actual numbers may be much more as many cases have gone unreported or many written complaints were not co ... Read more

30 Aug4 MINS
Police Issue Advisory for Ganpati Immersion, Prohibits Entry of Heavy Vehicles
30 Aug 2022

This year, the ten-day festival of Ganeshotsav will begin on Wednesday, August 31. Keeping in mind the festival and the Ganpati visarjan that will be followed, the Mumbai police is ... Read more

30 Aug3 MINS
Mumbai gears up for Ganesh Chaturthi, traffic police make elaborate arrangements
29 Aug 2022

In this episode of Mumbai Smart news, RJ Rohini talks about the Mumbai traffic police being geared up with elaborate arrangements for the 10-day Ganeshotsav beginning August 31. Ac ... Read more

29 Aug3 MINS
Mumbai's local train ticket check
26 Aug 2022

In this episode of Mumbai Smart news, RJ Rohini talks about Mumbai's local train ticket check as Mumbai Locals have intensified their ticketless traveling check, mainly on AC trave ... Read more

26 Aug3 MINS
Over three lakh Mumbaiites bitten by stray dogs since 2018
25 Aug 2022

Over three lakh Mumbaiites have been bitten by stray dogs since 2018, the state government admitted before the state legislative council on Wednesday. Tune in to know more with RJ ... Read more

25 Aug4 MINS
No more free street parking for residents; BMC to start pilot in four wards
24 Aug 2022

BMC will implement paid on-street parking in four administrative wards in the city, which will allow citizens to park their vehicles in designated areas under CCTV surveillance. Tu ... Read more

24 Aug3 MINS
Doctors report an increase in neck and back pain cases as a result of road potholes
23 Aug 2022

According to Doctors, an average of 150 cases of spine and neck pain issues are attended on an OPD basis of which five to 10 per cent of the cases are of bikers who ride daily to g ... Read more

23 Aug3 MINS
Maharashtra celebrates Dahi Handi, over 200 injured in Mumbai
22 Aug 2022

At least 222 Dahi Handi participants suffered injuries across Mumbai while forming pyramids where the festival was celebrated on a grand scale on Friday. How did the government rea ... Read more

22 Aug4 MINS
Mumbai may see moderate to heavy rain; mercury expected to stay below 27 degrees
17 Aug 2022

Mumbai witnessed heavy showers on Tuesday as the rain intensity increased in the city after a gap of a few days, temperature in Mumbai is expected to hover around 27 degrees as the ... Read more

17 Aug2 MINS
Waterlogging was intense at areas in Marine Drive
12 Aug 2022

Residents and elected public representatives stated that waterlogging was intense at areas in Marine Drive where Mumbai Coastal Road Project (MCRP) construction work is ongoing. Tu ... Read more

12 Aug4 MINS
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