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Mint Climate Change Tracker

Mint Climate Change Tracker

Mint - HT Smartcast

Cities like Mumbai will be regularly submerged by 2050. At around the same time, most of Himalayan glaciers will vanish. The world could heat up by 4 degrees Celsius by 2100. We are facing a crisis. Hosted by Bibek Bhattacharya (Twitter: @sarvatathagata), Deputy Editor, Mint Lounge, Mint Climate Change Tracker is a weekly podcast about the challenges posed by a rapidly heating planet. Also follow Bibek's weekly column in Mint Lounge, the Climate Change Tracker, with #MintClimateTracker.

This is a Mint production brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Mint Climate Change Tracker
Mint Climate Change Tracker
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Available Episodes

27: The Season Finale | What I learned from the experts | A climate pledge

In the final episode of the second season, host Bibek Bhattacharya recaps his conversations with Indian climate change experts and talks about what he has learned this season.  Read more

14 Aug24 MINS
26: Intense rains in Mumbai and western India I In conversation with scientist Minal Pathak I India's climate change costs

In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya speaks with environmental scientist Dr Minal Pathak on climate change and cities, climate justice and much more. Plus monsoon floods hit we ... Read more

08 Aug19 MINS
25: Assam and Bihar floods I In conversation with Amitangshu Acharya I How dams and embankments lead to floods |

Monsoon is here and so are devastating floods in Assam and Bihar. In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya speaks to water researcher Amitangshu Acharya on how our obsession with c ... Read more

31 Jul17 MINS
24:  In conversation with climatologist Chirag Dhara I How Climate Change works I India's first official climate change assessment

In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya discusses India's first climate change assessment and speaks with climatologist Chirag Dhara about the report. Read more

24 Jul18 MINS
23: Looking for a clean energy economy I In conversation with Ulka Kelkar I World approaches a heat barrier

In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya speaks with climate policy expert Ulka Kelkar about what an Indian clean energy economy would look like. Read more

17 Jul18 MINS
22: Environment Impact Assessment I In conversation with Neha Sinha I Environmental degradation and Climate Change

In this episode, host, Bibek Bhattacharya speaks with conservation biologist Neha Sinha on environmental degradation, the importance of the Environment Impact Assessments, and the ... Read more

12 Jul17 MINS
21:  Climate Change and water I An interview with Aditi Mukherji I Sustainable agriculture

In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya talks about the uneven monsoon rainfall and speaks with water expert Aditi Mukherji on India's groundwater, sustainable agriculture practic ... Read more

03 Jul15 MINS
20: India's climate change risks I In conversation with Arunabha Ghosh I India's energy future

In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya speaks with Dr. Arunabha Ghosh of CEEW on India's energy future, mapping risks, international cooperation and much more. Read more

26 Jun17 MINS
19: Talking to children about Climate Change I In conversation with Bijal Vachharajani I India's national Climate Change report

How do you talk to children about climate change? Host Bibek Bhattacharya speaks with children's book writer and publisher Bijal Vachharajani to find out. Read more

19 Jun17 MINS
18: Assam gas leak I An interview with Aruna Chandrasekhar I Media and Climate Change

In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya speaks to climate journalist Aruna Chandrasekhar about media coverage of environment, vulnerable communities, and climate change. Read more

12 Jun17 MINS
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