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The Great Indian Pod-Map

The Great Indian Pod-Map

HT Smartcast Originals

The Great Indian Pod-map is a one of a kind Indian show. Here, you'll get to know about all that's been trending in the podcasting universe, more specifically, here! You'll also get tips and tricks to explore this medium as a brand, tell your stories and maybe even invest in one. All this comes to you straight from a team that has worked tirelessly to bring to you more than 100 podcasts in all of 5 months.

So, are you ready to map the journey of podcasting in India?

This is an HT Smartcast Original, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

The Great Indian Pod-Map
The Great Indian Pod-Map
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Available Episodes

4: Start Trip

How can you make your podcast brand authentic and original? What are the advantages of podcasting? In this episode, Deepti Ahuja talks about the power of audio and how creativity c ... Read more

09 Jun7 MINS
3: Share status

What do we do to enter the podcasting industry? Who do we share our status with? How does it benefit us as a podcaster, an investor, or an advertiser? Let's dig a little deeper wit ... Read more

25 May6 MINS
2: Select Destination

So, how does podcasting fit in Indian Digital Media Mix? And what does that mean for Indian businesses? Deepti Ahuja, podcast producer at HT Smartcast, speculates if podcasting can ... Read more

30 Mar6 MINS
1: You are here

What is podcasting? Why do we need it? Why not radio? Why now? Is it just a fad or is podcasting here to stay for real?Deepti Ahuja, podcast producer at HT Smartcast answers all th ... Read more

30 Mar6 MINS


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