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Ask the IVF Expert

Ask the IVF Expert

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

Pregnancy and Parenthood are the two choices we make for life. For some of us it's a smooth ride. For the rest of us, it's difficult to even begin. Still, we find it worth our while. So much so that we opt for all kinds of fertility treatments. One of the most notable being IVF.

On Ask the IVF Expert doctors from all over India are interviewed to cover all kinds of questions you, as a would-be-parent might have.

This podcast is brought to you by Parents of Fertility powered by Merck.

Ask the IVF Expert
Ask the IVF Expert
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Available Episodes

So, you’ve had an IVF baby. What do you do with your remaining embryos?

In this episode, Dr Anirudh Malpani, Director of Malpani Infertility Clinic, Mumbai suggests what one should do with their remaining embryos after they had an IVF baby. Dr Anirudh ... Read more

24 Nov24 MINS
Planning your IVF Treatment | Be a partner, not a patient

In this episode, Dr. Nirmala Vijaykumar, Consultant in fertility and reproductive medicine at Queens Fertility Center, Tamil Nadu suggests a few ways to substantially improve their ... Read more

29 Oct19 MINS
How many times one can try IVF?

In this episode, Dr. Jatin Shah, Director, Mumbai Fertility Clinic and IVF Center explain the failures in IVF procedures & should you undergo a 2nd attempt of the cycle. Tune i ... Read more

29 Oct17 MINS
What to expect while opting for IVF | Psychological Counseling & Expectation Management

In this episode, Dr. Neelam Bhise, Senior Gynaecologist, IVF specialist and Director of Fertility at Acme Hospital, Chembur, Mumbai discusses the lack of awareness of the impact on ... Read more

28 Oct35 MINS
How long should a couple try to conceive before seeing a fertility expert?

In this episode, Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, IVF specialist at Bloom IVF Leelavati Hospital, Mumbai discusses the reasons for a decrease in the fertility rate globally and any lifestyl ... Read more

28 Oct31 MINS
Planning your IVF treatment | What to expect and how to prepare?

In this episode, Dr Shameema, Senior Consultant & Lead of IVF Unit, Aster Medcity Kochi and Dr. Fessi Louis, Senior Consultant, AMRITA (AIMS), Institute of Medical Science, Coc ... Read more

25 Oct29 MINS
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