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Health And Tonic

Health And Tonic

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

We all know that eating right, exercising daily, drinking enough water, taking a break from our smartphones and so on… are much-needed for a healthy life. But amongst everything that we do on a daily basis, our well-being take a backseat. If you agree, then come on this journey with Arshia--a young millennial woman on a path to wellness--as she does weekly check-ins, sharing her fitness goals. This presentation is brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Health And Tonic
Health And Tonic
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Available Episodes

13: Episode 13 | This Is What My Journey Taught Me | Season Finale

Our Health and Tonic journey comes to an end with this episode. Arshia reflects back on the positive changes this new routine has brought to her life. What began as a millennial at ... Read more

28 Feb5 MINS
12: Episode 12 | This Is How Running Keeps Me Stress Free | Exercise | Tiring day | Healthy lifestyle

What could Arshia do, after a terribly long and exhausting day? She decided to go for a good long jog that could help her clear her head. Come tune in this week's episode and liste ... Read more

21 Feb4 MINS
11: Episode 11 | This DIY Mask Is Working Really Well For My Skin And Hair | Homemade | Face masks | Healthy lifestyle

Continuing the self-love tradition, that we have dedicated our February to, this week's Health and Tonic journal finds Arshia indulging in some DIY fun. Homemade hair and face mask ... Read more

14 Feb4 MINS
10: Episode 10 | When I Realised The Power of Me Time | Self-retreat | Personal health | Healing

Ah! Arshia seems to well-rested as she returns from her ‘self-retreat’. Well, the month of love is here and she has so many tips and ideas for us to indulge in some healing and per ... Read more

07 Feb4 MINS
9: Episode 9| Learn How Taking A Break From Daily Routine Can Make A Big Difference | Happy | Healthy | Fit

As Arshia takes a little break for some quality ‘me time’, her childhood friend Kanika steps in to talk to us about her Health and Tonic routine. Like Arshia, Kanika too has been f ... Read more

31 Jan5 MINS
8: Episode 8 | This Is How I'm Curbing My Sugar Temptations

As much as Arshia tries, sweets find their way into her life. Back from vacations, Arshia’s table is flooded with chocolates that her friends have got, completely forgetting that i ... Read more

24 Jan4 MINS
7: Episode 7 | Arshia Found This About Packed Food On Her Visit To Grocery Store | Health detective | Shopping | Packaged food

Arshia is back on track, after bidding goodbye to all that holiday treats and excuses. This week, she decided to take on a grocery store and really peel the layers behind all that ... Read more

17 Jan5 MINS
6: Episode 6 | Take A Break To Come Back Strong | Health goals | Imperfections | Healthy lifestyle

We all have bad days and are allowed a break. Despite being on track with her new Health and Tonic routine, Arshia falters and misses a day of her healthier, happier and fitter goa ... Read more

10 Jan6 MINS
5: Episode 5 | When I Broke Up With Sugar | Resolutions | Processed sugar | Future health plans

And we have wrapped up a decade with 2020. What a great time to reflect upon our resolutions, goals, changes, and future health plans. Arshia is all set to welcome the new year wit ... Read more

03 Jan6 MINS
4: Episode 4 | When Cooking Worked Like A Therapy  | Family time | Cooking sessions | Love for food

It’s a festive mood at Arshia’s home as holidays have announced their arrival. Some quality family time makes Arshia reminiscent of childhood cooking sessions along with her mother ... Read more

27 Dec4 MINS
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