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Healthy Zindagi

Healthy Zindagi

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

Health is wealth! We have heard this saying a lot of times but when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we tend to ignore it. But, we need to remember that agar aapki sehat hi khraab hai toh baaki sab bhi gadbad hone ke chances hai! So, to ensure that you always stay healthy, HealthShots is presenting 'Healthy Zindagi, a brand new podcast series. Toh sune aur healthy rahein!

Healthy Zindagi
Healthy Zindagi
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Available Episodes

Staying in AC all the time isn't right for a Healthy Zindagi
12 May 2022

That cold blast of air from an AC feels like heaven on earth on a hot summer day, isn't it? But do you know that this frequent change in temperature isn't good for your mind, skin, ... Read more

12 May4 MINS
Thalassemia is a curse to a Healthy Zindagi!
05 May 2022

Like many other health problems, Thalassemia also needs public awareness. Awareness is the only key that can help the patient to lead a healthy life. That's why in this week's Heal ... Read more

05 May5 MINS
World Earth Day Special: A healthy world means a Healthy Zindagi
21 Apr 2022

You can do everything for yourself, but if your surroundings aren't healthy, nothing else matters. On the occasion of World Earth Day, we bring to you this exclusive episode of Hea ... Read more

21 Apr5 MINS
Abuse can be a roadblock for your child's Healthy Zindagi!
14 Apr 2022

Abuse, of any kind, is not acceptable. It is so vicious that it can damage the physical, mental, and social growth of a person. And if a child faces abuse, it can have even worse i ... Read more

14 Apr8 MINS
Health Day is THE clarion call for a Healthy Zindagi
07 Apr 2022

Earlier we only used to see just the physical aspect of health. But indeed, there's more to it. Have you heard about health triangle? If not, then tune into this World Health Day s ... Read more

07 Apr6 MINS
Tips to stay summer safe and lead a Healthy Zindagi!
31 Mar 2022

Summer is here and along with it, harsh sun rays have made an entry. From head to toe, you need to be cautious because you must be stepping out after long. So basically you have tw ... Read more

31 Mar5 MINS
Know everything about tuberculosis for a Healthy Zindagi!
24 Mar 2022

On World Tuberculosis Day, we want you all to lend us your ears so that we can fill you in with the details of this deadly disease. The good thing is, if you take proper medication ... Read more

24 Mar5 MINS
Let's give holi a fitter twist for a Healthy Zindagi!
17 Mar 2022

Holi is a festival of happiness; this time let's make it healthy too. Tune in to Healthy Zindagi podcast on Healthshots. Read more

17 Mar5 MINS
Ladies, your desires need attention for a Healthy Zindagi!
10 Mar 2022

What she wants matters, be it in the professional front, personal or sexual. This week, let's talk about her desires. Stay tuned to Healthy Zindagi podcast on Healthshots. Read more

10 Mar5 MINS
Work from home or office - which is better for a Healthy Zindagi?
02 Mar 2022

Work from home or work from office? We can't say which one is better, but we can suggest what is best for your health. Do tune in to Healthy Zindagi podcast on Healthshots! Read more

02 Mar6 MINS
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