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Red Confessions

Red Confessions

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

A weekly podcast series, this will delve deep into the science of menstruation. Why does PMS hurt so? Why does chocolate seem like the perfect solution to all our period woes?

With this quirky yet informative series, we plan to tackle such topics—so as to give you a better insight into those utterly, truly, horrible five days. This presentation is brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Red Confessions
Red Confessions
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Available Episodes

16: This Is Why You Are Getting Your Periods Twice In A Month

Getting your period twice is not good news. In fact, it a callout that something is majorly wrong with your hormones. But what? Well to know, listen to this episode of Red Confessi ... Read more

28 Jun6 MINS
15: 5 Reasons Why You Are Bleeding Heavily 

Heavy bleeding at times can be normal but if it is persistent then it can wreck your menstrual and reproductive life. But when will you call it out to be heavy bleeding? And what a ... Read more

14 Jun5 MINS
14: Let's Understand What Free Bleeding Is

On this world menstrual hygiene day, it is very important to understand the importance it and what are the various ways of doing it. Tune in to this episode of Red Confessions wher ... Read more

31 May5 MINS
13: This Is What Stress Can Do To Your Periods

Nikita is feeling stressed out during these work from home sessions. She says that it's more than what she used to do when she used to go to work. Catch her in this episode of Red ... Read more

17 May5 MINS
12: Finally I Had A Face-off With Tampons And This Is My Verdict

I have always been finicky about tampons having said that I was always curious to know how exactly they work. I mean there are so tiny. So, I decided to do a face-off with them and ... Read more

03 May6 MINS
11: This Is Why Your Breast Hurts During Periods

Sore breasts are common during periods. But it can make your case worse if not taken care of. Tune in to this episode of Red Confessions where Nikita is telling you how you can dea ... Read more

19 Apr4 MINS
10: Why No One Talks About Period Delaying Pills. I'll Tell You How Harmful They Are

Dizziness, headache, erratic bleeding, and whatnot. If you are ready to bear all this and more then period delaying pills might suit you. In fact, you'll be shocked to know what mo ... Read more

05 Apr6 MINS
9: Here Are The Reasons Why You Might Be Missing Your Period

Pregnancy is not the only reason that hit your period clock. There are many more. Surprised? Well, tune in to this episode of Red Confessions where Nikita is revealing all the poss ... Read more

22 Mar4 MINS
8: Even A Roll-On Gave Up On My Period Cramps

Being a woman is not easy especially when you have to deal with the killer menstrual cramps. This week, Nikita and her friend Aishwarya are relying on the Cramp Relief Roll-On from ... Read more

08 Mar4 MINS
7: This Is Why Your Stomach Go For A Toss During Period

Are you also fed up with an upset stomach during your period? Well, then listen to this episode of Red Confessions where Nikita is consulting a gynae to understand the mystery of p ... Read more

23 Feb5 MINS
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