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TBH With RJ Neeta

TBH With RJ Neeta

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

Did you know that eating methi seeds can cure diabetes? You must cover your face with a handkerchief to protect yourself from air pollution! You can lose weight in 10 days with keto diet…

There is always something or the other making news in the arena of health & wellness. But are the trends really worth the hype? Is that fancy diet really going to give you the results it promises? We will decode it all, in our weekly podcast series: TBH with RJ Neeta. This presentation is brought to you by HT smartcast.

TBH With RJ Neeta
TBH With RJ Neeta
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Available Episodes

21: This Is Why Women Still Hesitate To Try A Menstrual Cup Or A Tampon

Have you ever tried a menstrual cup or a tampon? If yes, then kudos to you but if not then have you ever wondered why? Well, there can be many reasons why Indian women still hesita ... Read more

29 May5 MINS
20: This is How You Can Take Care of The Elderly in Your Home Amid Covid-19

Lockdown has been extended in India till May 4th and we don't know till when it will last. What we do know is that we all need to take preventive care to stay away from covid-19 vi ... Read more

17 Apr5 MINS
19: Let's Show Some Gratitude to All of Them Who Are Taking Care of Us During Covid-19

Doctors, nurses, police, vegetable vendors, cleaning staff, and there are so many others who are making our lives easier even during this pandemic. But instead of showing gratitude ... Read more

10 Apr6 MINS
18: Learn The Art of Social Distancing With Me

Nizamuddin incidence has one message for all of us that we should learn from our mistakes. We have been advised to practise social distancing but we are not giving our all to follo ... Read more

03 Apr6 MINS
17: This Is How I'm Passing Time During This Coronavirus Lockdown

We all are waiting to get over with this lockdown because let's face it - it's way too boring to stay at home but we have to. Neeta is tired too. But to keep herself busy she is do ... Read more

27 Mar4 MINS
16: Karo Na Worry From The Coronavirus

Wherever you go coronavirus is right now following you that's why panic and hysteria are engulfing everyone. That's why Neeta is here to help you with her fundu tips to tame this p ... Read more

20 Mar4 MINS
15: My Post Holi Skin And Hair Care Regime Is All You Need This Time

Playing Holi is always fun but the chemical-laden colors might give your skin and hair a nightmare. But not anymore as RJ Neeta is here to rescue you with some amazing skin and hai ... Read more

13 Mar3 MINS
14: This Is How You Can Minimise The Chances of Catching Coronavirus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is making headlines all across. So, many people across the world are dying every day. That's why Neeta thought why not share some handy tips with you so tha ... Read more

28 Feb4 MINS
13: It's Time To Learn The Subtle Art of Keeping Yourself First

This week on TBH with RJ Neeta, let's find out how powerful is the power of self-love and self-care. Can prioritizing personal needs actually bring us joy? is self-care selfish? do ... Read more

21 Feb4 MINS
12: It's Time To Love Your Imperfections Perfectly!

Comparing ourselves to others and undermining our abilities is something that we all do at some point of time in life. But this is where we are going wrong. Every one of us is uniq ... Read more

14 Feb6 MINS
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