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TBH With RJ Neeta

Did you know that eating methi seeds can cure diabetes? You must cover your face with a handkerchief to protect yourself from air pollution! You can l ose weight in 10 days with keto diet… There is always something or the other making news in the arena of health & wellness. But are the trends really worth the hype? Is that fancy diet really going to give you the results it promises? We will decode it all, in our weekly podcast series: TBH with RJ Neeta. This presentation is brought to you by HT smartcast....

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TBH With RJ Neeta
TBH With RJ Neeta
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22 Episodes

Have you ever tried a menstrual cup or a tampon? If yes, then kudos to you but if not then have you ever wondered why? Well, there can be many reasons why Indian women still hesitate in trying new met ...

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17 16: Karo Na Worry From The Coronavirus
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