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AI Rising Podcast

AI Rising Podcast

Mint - HT Smartcast

AI is all around us – in our search engines, when recommending movies or books, when playing video games, or even when making digital payments. AI flies airplanes, drives cars, helps speed up drug discovery, and even predicts the next storm. But the AI treadmill moves at a very rapid pace with its own pros and cons. Case in point, Generative AI like Chat GPT, Mid Journey, etc.

So, dive into the world of AI with Mint's weekly podcast, AI Rising! Join Mint Sr. Associate Editor & Tech expert Leslie D'Monte and Convergence Catalyst co-founder and principal analyst Jayanth N Kolla as they speak to students, academics, business leaders, policymakers, lawyers, artists, gamers, and scientists to explore the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives and work. Uncover its wonders and drawbacks, like deep fakes and privacy concerns. Are we on the brink of AI sentience? Tune in to explore.

This is a Mint production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

AI Rising Podcast
AI Rising Podcast
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Available Episodes

How will Gen AI change the future of Indian Medtech and healthcare?

Dr. Raheel Sayeed is a physician of internal medicine and an informatics researcher focused on personalized digital health tools and their inherent role in clinical decision-making ... Read more

27 Sep48 MINS
What's stopping India from becoming AI superpower?

Debjani Ghosh, President of nasscom has many firsts to her credit including being the 1st woman to head India's IT industry body to enable digital transformation in the country. Sh ... Read more

20 Sep60 MINS
Transforming Investment Landscape with AI 2.0 with Debashish Bose, partner OAKS Asset Management

Step into the future of investment with hosts, Leslie D'monte and Jayanth Kolla as they speak to Debashish Bose, partner at OAKS Asset Management and a core team member of India's ... Read more

18 Sep52 MINS
AI for Enterprises | Possibilities & Pitfalls

Explore the evolving landscape of multilingual AI models in India, where giants like Meta's Seamless M4T clash with startups like, all vying for dominance in translation ... Read more

06 Sep41 MINS
Guide to Becoming an AI Startup Founder with Aakrit Vaish - CEO, Haptik

If you have your eyes set on becoming an entrepreneur in the field of Artificial Intelligence, now is the time, and this is your blueprint. In this episode, host Leslie D'monte spe ... Read more

30 Aug38 MINS
AI 1.0 vs 2.0 | How it is changing the way we work

In this episode, co-hosts Jayanth and Leslie compare notes on AI 1.0 vs AI 2.0 namely Generative AI. They talk about how Gen AI is already breaking the Guinness World Records by po ... Read more

23 Aug35 MINS
AI Revolution: Big leap forward into usefulness

What is AI? Why is it a concept and not a technology? Why does the vision of artificial intelligence sound apocalyptic? What do LK 99 superconductors have to do with AI? What are i ... Read more

17 Aug30 MINS
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