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Living Fully With Diabetes

Living Fully With Diabetes

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Diabetes is a common health condition today. According to a recent ICMR study, India has over 101 million people living with diabetes, and 136 million people in the pre-diabetes stage. Managing diabetes requires a holistic approach but with the right steps you can manage diabetes effectively.

Hello and welcome to Living Fully With Diabetes, a podcast series in collaboration with Abbott; where you will gain insights and tips on how to lead a fulfilling life while managing diabetes.

Living Fully With Diabetes
Living Fully With Diabetes
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Available Episodes

Importance of nutrition in managing diabetes

The significant rise in diabetes cases in India can be attributed to lifestyle and environmental factors. Thus, adopting crucial dietary and lifestyle changes becomes imperative fo ... Read more

30 Jan19 MINS
How regular monitoring can help simplify diabetes journey

In India, more than 100 million people live with diabetes, making our nation the diabetes capital of the world. Generally, people diagnosed with diabetes are cautioned about the ri ... Read more

23 Jan20 MINS
Diabetes Management from Awareness to Adherence

The Diabetes journey can be a challenging one. If you are dealing with or know someone who is, then this episode is for you. Listen to our latest episode, 'Diabetes Management: Fro ... Read more

16 Jan20 MINS


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