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Science Waala Gyaan - Season 2

Science Waala Gyaan - Season 2

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

There is nothing that science cannot solve! Hello, folks welcome to yet another season of Science Waala Gyaan. And this season is going to be all about nutrition. Plus, this time all our scientifically charged up gyaan will be backed by an expert. Yes, we have got you a renowned clinical nutritionist, Loveneet Batra, who will be your guiding light when it comes to nutrition. So, let the gyaan session begin!

Science Waala Gyaan - Season 2
Science Waala Gyaan - Season 2
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Available Episodes

22: Your Body Needs Ghee. So, Don't Give Up On It

Ghee is the most misunderstood food ever. But before completely drop it out of your meal, listen to this episode of Science Waala Gyaan where Dr Lovneet Batra is telling you why yo ... Read more

25 Aug6 MINS
21: 3 Dinner Options That Will Help You Lose Weight

We've always heard that we should eat a light dinner to avoid weight gain. But what exactly to eat is still a mystery. Today in this episode of Science Waala Gyaan, Dr Lovneet Batr ... Read more

11 Aug7 MINS
20: Detox Your Liver With These Foods

Food can do anything and everything for your body. It can make your health or can tear it apart. On this World Hepatitis Day, hear Dr Lovneet Batra as she reveals foods that will h ... Read more

28 Jul6 MINS
19: Foods That Can Help You Boost Your Mood

Can eating food lift up your mood? Well, according to Dr Lovneet Batra, a clinical nutritionist food can totally do that. Tune in to this episode of Science Waala Gyaan and see wha ... Read more

14 Jul5 MINS
18: This Is Exactly What You Should Eat For Better Immunity

Everyone is talking about immunity but do you know how you can strike the right balance so that you can protect yourself? If not then listen to this episode of Science Waala Gyaan ... Read more

30 Jun8 MINS
17: Beat The Heat With This Indie Superfood Bael

From Ayurveda to new age science everyone has bowed down to the benefits of bael aka wood apple. It does not just beat the heat during scorching summer but it is also great for you ... Read more

16 Jun5 MINS
16: Count On Food For Period Pain

Period cramps and pain is inevitable. And popping pills is no solution to it. Then what to do? Well, let hear what the expert has to say. Listen to this episode of Science Waala Gy ... Read more

02 Jun6 MINS
15: This is How You Can Leverage The Benefits of Chocolate

Eating chocolate is not all that bad. If you pick the right one and eat it in the right amount then you can make the most of it. Listen to this episode of Science Waala Gyaan and c ... Read more

19 May5 MINS
14: Mangoes Are Loaded With Benefits, Says Lovneet Batra

If you too think that eating mango will lead to weight gain then you have to hear what clinical nutritionist, Lovneet Batra has to say about it. According to her mangoes are a pool ... Read more

05 May5 MINS
13: It's All About Striking The Balance When It Comes To Nutrition | Balanced diet | Benefits

Why do people go gaga about eating a balanced diet? Well, that's because it has unbelievable benefits. But not everyone can strike the right balance. The good news is you can. How? ... Read more

22 Apr7 MINS
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