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Tension Not

Tension Not

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

Stress will come and stress will go, but sailing through a tense situation is something that we all need to learn. In this podcast, Sonal Kalra, Managing Editor - Entertainment at Hindustan Times, will be your guide on how you can be a better version of yourself. So, relax and Tension Not!

Tension Not
Tension Not
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Available Episodes

Ace director, Imtiaz Ali shares his mantra to Tension Not!
04 Feb 2022

If your favourite movie bucket list consists of flicks like Jab We Met, Highway, and Rockstar, you are a true blue Imitiaz Ali fan. We all know how intense this maverick filmmaker ... Read more

04 Feb19 MINS
Actress Raveena Tandon shares how to Tension Not!
28 Jan 2022

The life of celebrities is not a cakewalk. Being public figures, they have to deal with a lot, may it be paparazzi or social media trolls. All this can give them a heavy dose of te ... Read more

28 Jan15 MINS
Sleeping over your problems is not a solution. Face them head on and Tension Not
01 Oct 2021

Why do you want to keep a problem pending when it can be sorted right away? Listen to this episode of Tension Not where Sonal shares how not resolving your problems can lead to a b ... Read more

01 Oct10 MINS
Got a toxic boss? Tension Not and use these tips to deal with the situation
18 Sep 2021

It’s said that people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. Having a toxic boss can make your professional life miserable. In fact, it can also hamper your growth trajectory ... Read more

18 Sep15 MINS
Concerned about the rising number of heart attacks? Tension Not and listen up
03 Sep 2021

The death of actor Sidharth Shukla has left everyone shocked. It also brought to focus something which we take for granted, that's our health, specifically, our heart health. What ... Read more

03 Sep14 MINS
Fear of public speaking? Keep these tips handy and Tension Not
24 Jul 2021

Many of us fear public speaking. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t deal with this devil. Listen to this episode of Tension Not, where Sonal is tipping you with some easy ways to ... Read more

24 Jul13 MINS
Scared of online frauds? Tension Not and learn how to stay safe
09 Jul 2021

The virtual world comes with its own pros and cons. You might have come across people on dating sites, who meet, develop a bond, become vulnerable and get conned--especially financ ... Read more

09 Jul12 MINS
Make your WFH to office transition easy with these three simple tips
25 Jun 2021

No one likes transitions. Two years ago we were worried about how we were going to cope up with this work from home situation. We were literally missing going to our offices. But i ... Read more

25 Jun7 MINS
How cautious should you be post Covid-19 to stay tension free
11 Jun 2021

We are surrounded by information as well as misinformation when it comes to Covid-19. The problem is that bifurcating between the two is a little tedious. That's why Sonal Kalra go ... Read more

11 Jun17 MINS
Here's what NOT to say to the women in your life
10 Mar 2021

Guys, please be ears because you are getting the hack of your life by none other than Sonal Kalra on the occasion of women's day. In this episode of Tension Not Sonal is sharing so ... Read more

10 Mar6 MINS
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