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The Health Shots Show

The Health Shots Show

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

'Health is wealth' is an adage you must have heard umpteen times in your life, but do you abide by it? We always tend to take our health for granted - even with the prevailing threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. There is a new study every day, warning us of how our lifestyle is wrecking our physical and mental health. But we turn a deaf ear to it! Well, not anymore! As a platform to promote health and wellness, HealthShots considers it a responsibility to apprise you with different ailments that can affect you and your family. That's simply because awareness is the first step to prevention. That's why on World Health Day, we are launching our all-new podcast series, The HealthShots Show. We will interview the Who's Who of the health world to help you understand some common chronic health problems a little better. So stay tuned, kyunki yeh health ka maamla hai!

The Health Shots Show
The Health Shots Show
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Available Episodes

Unravel the complex world of mental health
13 May 2022

Can you define the word 'Mental Health'? I'm sure that most of you can't and those of you who can, may not do justice to it. It's not your fault because understanding your or someo ... Read more

13 May17 MINS
Listen to your growling gut
06 May 2022

Summer and gut health issues go hand in hand. From loosies to acidity, the heat brings along tummy troubles. But mind you, if your gut is not in the best shape, it will impact your ... Read more

06 May30 MINS
Don’t push your heart towards failure
29 Apr 2022

After the spate of celebrity deaths death due to heart-related issues, one thing that came into the limelight is how we are taking our heart health for granted. Join us in this epi ... Read more

29 Apr19 MINS
Ending the era of endometriosis
22 Apr 2022

Endometriosis is becoming a big problem for women. Painful sex, irregular periods, and infertility are some consequences of endometriosis. What is more unfortunate is that it is be ... Read more

22 Apr15 MINS
Stay away from the influence of influenza
15 Apr 2022

If you think that influenza is nothing but a common cold and cough, you should definitely tune in to this episode of The Health Shots Show! Dismissing influenza as just another bou ... Read more

15 Apr16 MINS
Curious case of cervical cancer
07 Apr 2022

Cervical cancer is one of the most prominent cancers in women. This rampantly growing health problem needs your complete attention because at times it can go undetected in the init ... Read more

07 Apr26 MINS