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Health Charcha

Health Charcha

HT Smartcast Originals

Medtronic in association with HT Smartcast presents 'Health Charcha' - a virtual mentor that you can listen to and learn a lot about the latest medical therapies and how to take care of your health with some helpful tips and much more.This is an HT Smartcast Original.Disclaimer - This is a public awareness initiative by Medtronic. This podcast represents the personal views of all the medical professionals interviewed here. These views are intended for general information and educational purposes only and does not constitute any medical advice. Please consult your physician for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. Doctors make no recommendations or endorsements of any treatment, products or services.

Health Charcha
Health Charcha
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Available Episodes

What's the difference between Laparoscopic vs. Open Incisional Hernia Repair
03 Oct 2022

In this episode, we have with us Dr Parthasarthi, COO, Lead Consultant, department of Hernia Surgery and Upper GI and Robotics Surgery at Gem Hospital, Tamil Nadu to help us unders ... Read more

03 Oct20 MINS
Tackling Infertility in Women suffering from Morbid Obesity
26 Aug 2022

Obesity is increasingly being recognized as a worldwide epidemic. According to National Family Health Survey-5, one out of every four Indians is now obese. Obesity has risen from 2 ... Read more

26 Aug24 MINS
Young Hearts Run Free | Dealing with Congenital Heart Disease
05 Jul 2022

In this episode, host Deepti Ahuja spoke with Dr. R. Krishna Kumar, Head of Department | Professor, Department of Paediatric Cardiology, School of Medicine, Kochi about Congenital ... Read more

05 Jul21 MINS
Heart Health in the times of Corona | How safe is TAVI
03 Jul 2022

In this episode of Health Charcha, host Deepti Ahuja spoke with Dr Harinder K Bali, MBBS, MD(Medicine) and DM (Cardiology) about the special kinds of safety measures after the mini ... Read more

03 Jul23 MINS
I am Ironman | What is TAVI?
01 Jul 2022

In this episode of Health Charcha, host Deepti Ahuja spoke with Dr Kaushal Pandey, Sr. Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, P.D Hinduja Hospital and Research Centre, Mahim about what does a ... Read more

01 Jul23 MINS
Listen to your heart, they say | Diagnosis & Treatment of AS
29 Jun 2022

In this episode of Health Charcha, host Deepti Ahuja talks to Dr. Ashwin B. Mehta, HOD & Director Cardiology, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai about the kind of test ... Read more

29 Jun31 MINS
All about Aortic Stenosis
29 Jun 2022

A healthy heart beats around 100,000 times a day. Your heart’s job is to supply oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body. It does that by pumping blood through four heart chambers ... Read more

29 Jun20 MINS
Brain Tumor Recovery | Will I ever be myself again?
28 Jun 2022

In this episode of Health Charcha, host Deepti Ahuja talks to Dr. CE Deopujari, Neurosurgeon in Bombay Hospital Marine Lines, Mumbai about how can a patient improve his quality of ... Read more

28 Jun18 MINS
Precautions to take before Surgery
27 Jun 2022

In this episode, host Deepti Ahuja talks to Dr. Dwarakanath Srinivas, Professor and Head, Neurosurgery, NIMHANS about how has Covid impacted brain tumour treatment and how can one ... Read more

27 Jun12 MINS
Brain Tumor Surgery: Robots have arrived !
21 Jun 2022

How has neuronavigation and cranial robotics evolved the management of brain tumours and how does that apply to you? We will find out in this episode with Dr. Manas Panigrahi, HOD ... Read more

21 Jun25 MINS
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