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Health Charcha

Medtronic in association with HT Smartcast presents 'Health चर्चा' - a virtual mentor that you can listen to and learn a lot about the latest medical therapies and how to take care of your health with some helpful tips and much more. This is an HT Smartcast Original. Disclaimer - This is a public awareness initiative by Medtronic. This podcast represents the personal views of all the medical professionals interviewed here. These views are intended for general information and educational purposes only and does not constitute any medical advice. Please consult your physician for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. Doctors make no recommendations or endorsements of any treatment, products or services....

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Health Charcha
Health Charcha
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12 Episodes
12 12: Ae Dil hai muskil | Post-surgery care

Did you Know Pacemakers are now Bluetooth enabled and can connect to your smartphone In this episode, we have with us Dr Girish B Navasundi who introduces us to Bluetooth based pacemakers and the impo ...

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10 10: Dil Dhadke | All about pacemakers
8 8: Obesity- Not Just a Cosmetic Problem
7 7: Know more about heartburn
28 Jan 2021
28 Jan18 MINS
5 5: The One about Hernia
07 Jan 2021
07 Jan21 MINS
4 4: Ignore no More. Period.
31 Dec 2020
31 Dec19 MINS
3 3: Jigar ka Tukda and related Diseases
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